Organizational Structure and Form

Ultimately, the organizational structure and form you and your company select depend on a multitude of factors, among them personal experience and, to a certain extent, personal preferences of the owners and/or managers.

In other instances, the activities as such, the environment (ecosystem) in which your organization operates and external, legal requirements may affect the selection of the most suitable organizational structure.

On top of that, social, ethical and motivational considerations increasingly influence the definition of an organizational structure and form likely to help you achieve your strategic goals.

We are here to assist you and your leadership team with the analysis of the organizational structure and form that match the strategy you have devised. For this, we rely on broad and thorough first-hand experience with a variety of organizational structures and forms, both on a local and international level. 

One essential, though frequently underestimated aspect of a successful corporate strategy is devising the right organizational strategy. 

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