Tools & Assessments

Understanding and assessing how an organization and a team functions starts with a clear insight into what drives and energizes each and every employee (or candidate). 

Matching personal motivation with the expectations regarding the function and the individual assigned to it are key.

To paint an objective picture of the correspondence between expectations and an individual’s personal motivation and drives, we rely on proven tools provided by Predictive Index.

Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment

PI Cognitive Assessment™ measures learning ability and trainability, a person’s capacity to learn,...

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Selling Skills Assessment Tool™

Selling Skills Assessment Tool (SSAT)™ is a tool designed to provide an objective evaluation of the ...

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Predictive Index Team analysis & workstyles

The dynamics in each team is influenced by each individual team member and the influence that this...

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Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment (PI BA)™

PI Behavioral Assessment™ is a science-based framework that maps personality in four motivational...

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Predictive Index Job Assessment (PI JA)™

The PI Job Assessment™ is an online questionnaire helping you define the ideal personality (i.e. a...

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