Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment (PI BA)™

PI Behavioral Assessment™ is a science-based framework that maps personality in four motivational drives.

The drives and their relation to each other constitute a person’s behavioral pattern and ultimately help you understand the underlying needs and the associated behavior.

PI BA™ offers actionable insight into needs, behaviors, motivations and development areas.

PI BA™ is both simple and quick to learn – and easy to apply, yet scientifically constructed and validated. PI BA™ is available in more than 60 languages ensuring that external candidates and employees even in large multinationals can complete the assessment in their mother tongue.

With more than 25 million people assessed since the launch in the 1950’s, a validity vault of 350+ studies, and EEOC adherence, PI BA™ adds scientifically validated objectivity to your subjective judgement.

The Predictive Index® is a registered trademark of Predictive Index, LLC and is used here with permission