What drives People ? (Predictive Index Fundamentals)

This accelerated, half-day workshop gives the attendees an introductory crash course to essential aspects of PI, providing insight and basic knowledge about behavioral patterns and motivational needs affecting workplace behavior. 

Attendees in this workshop will learn more about themselves and those around them—instantly improving team collaboration and engagement.

This workshop is intended for employees at any level within a PI client organisation. It provides a solid foundation and serves as prerequisite learning for employees who wish to continue their PI learning journey in additional workshops. 

The workshop will create:

  • Increased understanding of the basics of how PI patterns are constructed and used to decode workplace behavior.
  • Insights into how a behavioral pattern influences workplace style and behaviors.
  • Awareness about own preferences and utilising strengths.
  • Constructive interaction between colleagues with diverse drives, needs, and behaviors.
  • Increased productivity through enhanced self-awareness and collaboration.
  • Increased productivity driven by improved interpersonal relationships and positive dynamics.

The Predictive Index® is a registered trademark of Predictive Index, LLC and is used here with permission